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My name is David Center and this is my Website. I am originally from Kentucky where I grew up on a farm. After high school (and some college), I joined the United States Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps, I got to see a lot of other countries and meet a lot of people. Among the many things that I learned was to defend myself in hand-to-hand combat and to push myself beyond physical limits.

The way that I ended up finding out about Koo Self Defense is a long story. I will cut it as short as possible. While in the Marine Corps, I met my future wife, Sandra. After the end of my tour I moved to Dayton, Ohio. I was there for a couple of years until Sandra was able to get orders to Rome, Georgia. I was able to get transferred to a branch in Kennesaw, Georgia.

When you look on a map, Cartersville is almost exactly in between the two so that is how I ended up here. Sandra introduced me to a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Jay Platt. Jay’s wife, Paz is also a Marine who was stationed with Sandra. Jay told me about Master Koo’s self defense classes. It sounded like something that I just had to check out. I went to a Saturday class and thought that it was awesome. I joined Master Roger Koo's studio on February 3, 2001

It is now April 2002, I have been to every class (166 to April 2002) that I can attend. My current rank is Red Belt and I go to class as often as I can. You will be amazed at how much your stamina and endurance will increase.

If anyone reading this has not had the chance to attend a class, you should come by and give it a try. You will know that you are getting the right training because you will be trained by Master Koo himself. Nowhere else would you have the opportunity be trained personally by the originator of their own style of martial arts.

More coming....

VIDEO CLIPS Taken April 2002. Started training at Master Koo's studio, Downtown Cartersville, Georgia, USA on February 3, 2001 and has done 166 classes to the day of photos and video clips.
Videos Clips will be change periodically. Go to "Tell me when this page is updated" link above to be notifed of updates

Hands Power Drill Class - Add-on punches and strikes
Hands Power Drill Class - Add-on punches and strikes
Stamina Power Drill Class - Moving 100 Nonstop Kicks
Practising Breaking for my black belt test - 4 plastic rebreakable boards
Practising Breaking for my black belt test - 4 plastic rebreakable boards
Practising Breaking for my black belt test - 5 plastic rebreakable boards
Practising breaking for my black belt test. Breaking 3 new black plastic rebreakable boards. These boards are much tougher than previous white rebreakable boards used for KSD Black Belt Testing. Click here to read how many pounds to break each board!

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